I´m Diana Bornay, I´m jewelry designer and also ceramist.

I studied Fashion Design, Postgraduated in Fashion Styling at IED (Institute European of Design), and Pottery Design at Escuela de Cerámica Francisco Alcántara (Madrid).

All my professional career has developed around the fashion industry. I worked for many years as a Fashion Stylist for editorials, advertising and E Commerce; in Agencies as Press manager and as Senior Stylist and Studio Manager for Amazon.

In 2016 during a trip to India I felt in love with the culture and the way as the artisans worked the jewelry, for this reason I decided to move to Mumbai and study Jewelry Design, and started to create things.

I love the beauty of the imperfection, create organic textures, irregular shapes, asymetric pieces, and always small productions creating limited editions.

Jupiter Bornay is handcrafted in India by local artisans, I work closely with them day by day, supporting smalls workshops, looking for each piece and taking care of each detail of the piece.

I live between Jaipur and Mallorca, and I´m also work as a freelance designer for brands and personal orders.

For more info and collaborations please text me, I´ll be happy to hear from you!! :)